9 Creative Ways to Cut Costs During the Coronavirus

Layoffs and cutbacks due to COVID-19 have left many people unable to pay monthly bills. If reducing your grocery bills and other monthly expenses still finds you coming up short, we have a few creative tips to help you cut your monthly costs.

Utility Bills

Many utility companies are willing to work with their customers during these stressful times. Call up your electric or gas companies to see if you can get on a payment program or receive a medical hold if needed. Most are also suspending power shutoffs for non-payment if you’re low income.

Mobile and Cable Bills

Many cell phone and cable companies are also willing to work out a payment program to help you pay your bills. You may also want to revisit what your service plans are and see if there’s a way to reduce your monthly bills overall. As nice as it is to have access to over 300 cable channels, that’s probably something you can live without right now.

App Subscriptions
Do you have dozens of apps on your smartphone? You might be paying for a subscription or two. Take a look at your subscription list and see if there are any you can cancel to save a few more dollars each month.

Streaming Services
While many of us are depending on our streaming services to help us get through our days stuck at home, you may want to rethink what you really need. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, etc. are all a joy to have, but you might want to whittle it down to one or two until your financial situation improves.

Gym Membership

Chances are your gym is closed. Give them a call and see if you can temporarily freeze or suspend your account for now. Or, just cancel your membership altogether and get used to working out from home.

Online Shopping
Retail therapy sure makes you feel better when you’re shopping, but definitely not when you’re paying the bills! Cut out all online shopping unless it’s for necessities like groceries or toilet paper.

Bottled Water

Not only is bottled water bad for the environment, it’s an unnecessary expense. Get something like a Brita water filter pitcher if your area doesn’t have clean tap water, or use regular tap water if you do.

Road Trips

Unless you’re driving to and from work or to get necessities, you shouldn’t be driving. One, because that’s part of our stay-at-home order, and two, it’s a waste of gas and money. We’re all a bit stir-crazy these days and going for a drive seems like a great solution. For the time being, go for a walk instead. It’s better for you and doesn’t cost a penny!

Graduations, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day still go on, coronavirus or not. But if you can’t pay your bills, your loved ones will understand if you don’t get them their usual present or gift card this year. Better yet, spend some of your extra time to make them a homemade gift. It’s affordable and means that much more.

WWFCU can also help you if you’re financially struggling right now. Can’t make your credit card or loan payments? Let us know! Call a WWFCU Member Service Representative at (734)721-5700 for loan extensions or other assistance.

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