A Brief Overview of Our New ATMs

We’re thrilled to announce our new ATMs are now open and ready to use!

While most ATMs are similar, there are a few features of our new ATMs that we’d like to explain.

Tilting Screen

The new ATM screens can tilt to three different positions to accommodate different vehicle heights and help reduce sun glare on the screen. You’ll see three buttons to the left of the screen labeled High Vehicle, Mid Vehicle and Low Vehicle as well as drawings that show what type of vehicle fits each category. Pick the right fit for your vehicle and press the button.

No Deposit Envelopes

A great feature of the new ATMs is that you don’t use an envelope to deposit checks or cash into your account. You feed cash and checks directly into the machine. Below the blue card reader slot, you’ll see another slot labelled Cash/Check Deposit. Here are a few tips on how to feed your cash and checks into the new ATMs:

Just like a drink or snack machine, you’ll feed your cash (bills only, no coins) and checks into the deposit slot (left). And just like those machines, the ATMs don’t like wrinkled, ripped or taped dollar bills. If you have cash the ATM won’t accept, just use our drive-thru or come in to see a WWFCU teller to make your deposit.

Like cash, checks for deposit can’t be wrinkled, ripped or taped. And please make sure you’ve endorsed the back of the check correctly (right).

Questions? Stop by our branch or speak to a WWFCU Member Service Representative at (734) 721-5700.




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