Buying a Car – The Smart Way

No doubt about it – when it comes to high stress, buying a car is right up there with job interviews, public speaking, and root canal surgery. Under typical conditions, you, as a car buyer, are at the mercy of the dealer and the high-pressure salesman. Negotiating a price can be a challenge, particularly if you have to finance your purchase through the dealer – and chances are, you will not get a great deal. Car dealerships have relationships with banks and for-profit lending institutions and get a percentage of any deal they make with you. They have little incentive to offer you the best terms.

On the other hand, when you walk on to a lot with cash in hand, you have an incredible amount of power. Car salesmen are very quick to make a deal that is favorable to you when you’re ready to pay on the spot.

Now, realistically, not too many of us have the wherewithal to go to a car dealership with fifteen or twenty thousand dollars in our wallets. However, the next best alternative is to get pre-approved for a car loan through Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union. This will put you in the “driver’s seat,” both figuratively and literally. You will be walking into the showroom knowing exactly what your budget is, putting you in a much stronger position when it comes to negotiating the best price on your next vehicle.

In addition, your Credit Union is a non-profit institution, meaning that as a member, you will absolutely get the best terms available. WWFCU has numerous educational resources on the subject of vehicle pricing (you’d be surprised at how much room there is for negotiation – and what you can get, simply by demanding it) and the buying process itself.

This time, buy your car the smart way – get pre-approved for your car loan and get the inside scoop today at WWFCU. Apply online at or call 734.721.5700.

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