Five Tips for Spring Break on a Budget

Spring break. For teens and college kids, it’s almost a rite of passage. For families, it’s a much-needed vacation from the day-to-day grind. For both, it can take a big bite out of your savings. We think everyone deserves a spring break – so we put some tips together to help make it more affordable.

  1. Save on Accommodations
    Whether you’re booking a hotel room or renting a condo/home, it pays to shop around. There are tons of travel sites out there nowadays to help you find the best deal. The key is to keep checking after you’ve booked your accommodations to make sure your price is still the best deal around. Many booking sites offer to meet or even beat competitor prices, so keep your eyes open.
  2. Cut Food Costs
    When booking your room, be sure it either includes a kitchenette (or at least a refrigerator) or free breakfast. Many hotels now offer free breakfast to entice tourists, just be sure it doesn’t add to the overall cost of your room. If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchenette and are driving, pack food from home like cereal, milk, juice, alcohol, granola bars, etc. to cut down your food costs. 
  3. Take a Road Trip
    Jetting off to Florida may seem the best way to go, but it won’t be the cheapest. Opt for somewhere a bit closer so you can take a road trip. Or make sure you have enough drivers to make the distance manageable if your heart is set on Florida!
  4. Make a Packing List
    Be sure to make a packing list – and check it twice once you’re packed. Buying replacement sunglasses, sunblock or swimsuits will definitely add to your budget. There are numerous packing lists online, find one and customize it to fit your needs. That way you’ll remember to pack everything you need. 
  5. Wait Till Last Minute 
    If this won’t make you anxious … you might consider waiting till the last minute to book your hotel or flights. You can often get great deals with last minute plans. But if you have a specific hotel in mind or plan on vacationing somewhere popular, it may make more sense to forgo the savings and book ahead. 

If you are going on vacation, don’t forget to let WWFCU know! Sometimes out of state charges can be a red flag and cause us to put a hold on your credit or debit cards. Just call (734) 721-5700 and let us know where you’ll be traveling and for how long. We want your vacation to be a good one!

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