The Convenient Benefits of E-Statements

There are many benefits to a Credit Union. One of these is e-statements. Instead of waiting for a statement to come in the mail every month, you can log in to a website any time to see an electronic copy of your statement, to easily track and manage your account.

This is usually a service that you need to sign up for with the Credit Union, a short process. Information can be found much faster and less money goes into paper, printing, and mailing.

 When e-statements are stored online, finding a place to file them is no problem. The Credit Union stores everything in a secure database; you’ll be the only one to have access because each account requires a login name and password to access. There is no chance of the statements getting lost in the mail or stolen en route.

The simplicity of e-statements alone makes life easier. There is little effort involved in signing up, and viewing the statements is just like logging on to any other secure website. Moreover, the opportunity provides a way to save paper, meaning more trees can be saved. So using e-statements has a combination of personal, corporate, and environmental advantages.

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