Why Use a Digital Wallet?

If you haven’t fully jumped on the digital/mobile wallet bandwagon, now might be the time. A digital wallet is a smartphone app like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay that lets you store your debit and credit cards in it and then pay for transactions with just a tap.

Many people haven’t used a digital wallet in fear of fraud or that it’s just something new that they haven’t tried yet. However, more and more stores and online retailers are including digital wallets in their checkout, so it might be time to give it a try. Here are some other reasons to start using a digital wallet:

  • Reduced Fraud– It’s become easy for fraudsters to get your credit card number thanks to breaches or more traditional thefts. By storing your credit and/or debit cards in a digital wallet, you’re safeguarding yourself from this kind of fraud. Your full credit card number is never displayed when making a transaction. Plus, there are other safety precautions such as biometrics and encryption.
  • Simplicity– We already take our phones with us wherever we go. Using a digital wallet means you can pay with your phone and leave your credit cards at home. Oftentimes, using a digital wallet means online or in-store checkouts are much faster as well.
  • Perks– Many digital wallets let you store your loyalty cards as well as credit/debit cards, so you’re sure to get any rewards or discounts you’ve earned. If you earn rewards on the credit card itself, using your card via a digital wallet is just the same as using a physical card. You still earn the points, miles or cash back you would with the actual card.

Apple Pay at WWFCU

Did you know that you can link your WWFCU credit and debit cards with Apple Pay? Speak to a Member Service Specialist either in our branch or on the phone at (734) 721-5700 to find out how. 

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