Youth Member Promotions at Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union

At Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union, we take pride in serving individuals, families, and businesses. Our financial services are tailored to the needs of members, and we try to offer something for everyone.

It’s never too early to start teaching your children about financial responsibility. People who learn how to save money and handle their finances at a young age will take these important skills into adulthood and benefit from them for the rest of their lives.

Some of the best ways for young people to learn about money is to have a savings account and to make regular deposits. It is a source of pride and satisfaction for a child to take on this “adult” responsibility. Young people can enjoy watching their account balance grow. In the process, they will learn about how money earns interest, how to set and work towards goals, how to budget, and other valuable financial lessons.

At WWFCU, we want to help young people learn about financial matters.

We know that a savings account of one’s own is a vital tool in a child’s financial education. That’s why we have a special youth savings account that is designed for members under the age of 18. Young people can earn excellent interest on their savings and enjoy other Credit Union benefits.

We also offer youth member promotions to make saving money even more fun and rewarding.

Children aged 7-13 years can take part in the “Raffle to Winnings.” It’s easy to participate. Every time they deposit money in a youth account, they can fill out a card to be entered in a drawing to win a $20, $10, or $5 gift certificate. These prizes will be awarded every quarter.

Youths aged 14-17 years have their own promotion, called “Save More to Win More.” They can receive money just for depositing money into their account. The special youth deposit card lets them keep track of the transactions. After making ten deposits of at least $10, they will be awarded $10 in free money. There’s an award limit of $40 annually.

These youth member promotions are intended to encourage young people to set aside money on a regular basis. The habit of saving money is one that will serve them well as adults.

Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union is a place for the entire family. Help your children learn about money and financial responsibility by opening a youth savings account.

Visit or drop by the Credit Union to learn more about our youth member promotions.

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