How to Dig Out of Holiday Debt

January 10th, 2019

Did you pack on some extra pounds as well as debt over the holidays? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Consumer’s spent an average of just over $1,000 this holiday season. Like those extra pounds, it takes more work to whittle debt down than it did to gain it. That’s why WWFCU put together some helpful tips to dig you out of holiday debt.

  • Add it Up
    Gather together your billing statements from all of your credit cards. Don’t forget those store credit cards – their interest rates are usually higher than you Visa or Mastercard.
  • Make a Plan
    Figure out how much you owe overall and take note of which cards have the highest rates. Then decide if you want to pay off the smallest debt first or the one with the highest interest rate. If your debt total is overwhelming and your rates are high, you might want to consider getting a personal loan to consolidate it all at a lower rate. Or you could transfer your balances to a zero or low-rate card. The lower the rate, the faster you’ll pay it off. 
  • Stop the Spending
    Now that the holidays over, it’s the perfect time to put a stop to all your credit card spending. Vow that for the next 6 months you’ll only use cash or your debit card for purchases. It’s easier to tackle your debt if you’re not adding more at the same time!

While it might take several months or a couple of years to pay off your debt, don’t despair or give up. Growing new, healthy spending habits and reducing your debt can only help boost your credit score!

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