5 Home Improvements You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have a “honey-do” list and a wish list of things you’d like to do around the house. Don’t wait until you’re trying to sell your home to make some improvements. Making home improvements sooner rather than later lets you enjoy your investment longer.

But where to start? If your list is long, we have the top five home improvements you should make to get the most bang for your homeowner’s buck.

  1. Painting Inside and/or Outside
    This will be the smallest investment you can make that has the biggest visual impact. Even if you’re not super handy, it’s pretty easy to paint the inside and/or outside of your home – and it only costs the price of a few gallons of paint and painting supplies. If you’re looking to pay someone to paint, expect to pay around $5,000-$6,000 for an average sized house.
  2. Updating the Siding
    Does your home still have aluminum siding? If so, it’s definitely time for a change! Vinyl siding lasts longer and is more visually appealing and usually more affordable. Builders also use a fiber cement siding that costs more but can give a higher quality look. You should pay around $10,000 for new vinyl siding.
  3. New Windows
    Replacing old windows is definitely a home improvement you want to do while you’re still living in the house. That way you can reap the savings on utility costs with new and less drafty windows. New windows also improve the look of your home – inside and out. Ten new windows should cost you at least $11,000.
  4. Replacing the Deck
    This is another improvement to make while you still have a few years left to live in your home. Nothing beats a new deck in the summer! Homebuyers are now conditioned to expect fancy decks when house hunting. Don’t disappoint them – build yourself a new deck! If you build it yourself, it should cost you $5,000 to $8,000 depending on the size and materials you use. Pay someone to build it and it’ll run you at least $10,000.
  5. Kitchen Update
    The kitchen is usually the heart of a home, so make sure yours if updated and functional. Homebuyers will scrutinize the appliances, counters and cupboards, so make sure they’re pretty new. This renovation is the most expensive on the list but can make or break how easy it is to sell your home. Expect to pay an average of $20,000.

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