Making Saving Painless

Do you find yourself making excuses on why you can’t save money? Hopefully, our tips will make it easier to save and harder to keep coming up with excuses on why you can’t.

Make it Automatic
Do you have direct deposit from your employer? Chances are you can designate more than one account for your paycheck. If so, save at least 10% of every paycheck into a savings or money market account. If you don’t see it, you won’t spend it!

Make your bill paying automatic as well with auto pay from the companies or Bill Pay with WWFCU’s Online Banking. This takes the stress out of paying bills and will help you save money when you avoid all of those late fees.

Make Your Due Date Work for You
Do all of your bills seem to hit at the same time? While it’s possible to juggle your income and bills to pay them all together each month, it’s not ideal. Think about changing your due dates. Some credit companies let you change your due dates to what works best for you. Again, this eliminates stress and helps you avoid those nasty late fees.

Make Your Money Work
If all of your money goes in and out of one account, you probably aren’t saving anything. Consider making your money work for you by opening several savings accounts: one for overall savings, one for future goals and an emergency savings account. WWFCU also offers Christmas/Holiday Accounts and Vacation Accounts to help you save for those special occasions.

Make the Change
Have a recurring bill ending like a car payment? Since you’re used to shelling out that money each month, you might as well turn it into a monthly savings deposit once the bill ends. Enjoy watching as the savings balance adds up quickly.

Make it Hard to Shop
Has or some other shopping website become a daily occurrence? Put a stop to it by removing your credit card information and address. Having to input your information every time may cause you to rethink your impulse purchases. In the same vein, unsubscribe from all of those retailer emails. Out of sight, out of mind and less money coming out of your accounts.

Make Saving a Priority
If you have to shop online, don’t do it without online coupon codes or going through a cash-back shopping site to save or earn extra money. If there are stores or restaurants you use a lot, see if they have a loyalty program. Some stores like Target let you create a store version of your debit card that gives you an automatic 5% discount and free shipping. And has its Prime membership that may cost you up front but saves you tons in shipping and with online media like books, music, movies and television shows.

While some of these steps may seem like extra work, the additional – and painless – savings make it all worthwhile!

Moving Towards Your Financial Success!
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