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As you already know, members of Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union enjoy a wide range of benefits and perks. In addition to complete branch and online banking services, WWFCU offers low interest rates on car loans and low service fees.

We also offer better rates on savings accounts and certificates, free financial education services, savings on auto and homeowners insurance, and numerous other advantages. That’s on top of the personal attention that we strive to provide to our members each day.

Here’s another benefit that you may not know about: members can save with Sprint. That’s correct – now you can save money on Sprint wireless services, just for being a Credit Union member.

Wireless services and products, once considered a luxury, are now a necessity for most households. Even so, why pay more than you have to? If you’re spending more than you want to on wireless services, now may be the time to switch providers.

Sprint offers wireless services and products that everyone needs, such as phones, PDAs, mobile broadband devices, music downloads, and more.

As a Sprint customer, you’ll get value and features that beat out the competition, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

In addition, because you’re a member of WWFCU, you are also eligible for Sprint’s Credit Union Member Discount. (If you’re not a member, this is one more good reason to join.)

This discount opportunity is available for individuals and for businesses, and it applies to both new and current Sprint customers.

Individuals may take advantage of a 10% discount on Sprint monthly service plans, and businesses can benefit from a 15% discount on recurring charges. You can save even more money with waived activation and upgrade fees.

If your family likes to talk, text, and surf, you’ll really appreciate Sprint’s unlimited data plan with no throttling, no metering, and no overage charges.

Sprint’s competitive data plans and products will keep you reliably connected, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move. Sprint also makes things easy for you with one-on-one personalized setup at select Sprint stores.

Note that this is an exclusive discount for Credit Union members. It’s one more way that we help you save money and manage your finances – and one more reason to feel great about being a member of Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union.

Why not take the next step towards saving money on your phones and wireless services?

Visit to find out more about how members can save with Sprint.

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