What Are E-Statements and Their Benefits?

Online banking has become very popular in the past few years, with customers enjoying the convenience and security of 24-hour access to their money from home. When it comes to communications with their Credit Union, however, many people still receive paper statements in their mailbox each month. Paper statements provide the comfort of familiarity, but electronically provided statements, or E-Statements, have plenty of advantages to receive a recommendation.

E-Statements are very similar in content to paper statements; they’re simply located online instead of coming to your mailbox. You’ll receive an email to let you know when a statement is ready. Then you can log in to the secure server with your username and password to view the statement. The Credit Union stores your previous statements for you (up to 36 months), and if you ever need a copy, you can save or print a statement from your own computer. The E-Statement service is totally free and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

There are many reasons to use E-Statements. E-Statements do not cost anything, so they save a Michigan Credit Union like WWFCU money on operating costs. Not only does that savings benefit customers, it reduces the use of paper and gas, making it environmentally friendly. E-Statements eliminate paper clutter in your home office, since there’s no need to collect and save paper statements when everything can be stored on your computer or the past 36 months of statements can be viewed online.

The E-Statement system is secure and password – protected, which guards against hacking and totally eliminates the risk of identity thieves intercepting sensitive documents at your mailbox. Most importantly, E-Statements are fast, convenient, and easy to set up and use. Visit our online services to learn more, and get signed up today.

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