What is a Christmas/Holiday Account?

Christmas accounts first began in the early 1900s, created to help credit union members be able to afford holiday shopping. Today, they’re still going strong with nearly three-quarters of U.S. credit unions offering them.

How many times have you set money aside in your checking or regular savings account for the holidays, only to have it disappear come bill time? It’s effortless to spend money if we have easy access to it. That’s where a Christmas or holiday account comes in.

A Christmas/holiday account lets you set aside money in a separate savings account throughout the year to help you pay for your holiday entertaining and gifts. Not only are you socking away precious funds for the holidays, you’re earning interest while you do it!

WWFCU Christmas Account

At WWFCU, our Christmas account is set up like a normal savings account. The only difference is that about two months before Christmas, the money is then automatically transferred into your regular WWFCU savings account. However, you always have the option to just keep in in the Christmas account instead. Also, your funds are always available for you to withdraw all year long in case you need it sooner.

Whether you want to set up a WWFCU Christmas account for this holiday season or start saving for next year’s, it’s easy to open one. Just stop by our branch and speak to a member service specialist.

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