Falcon Fraud Alerts

We have teamed with Falcon Fraud protection services to continuously monitor your WWFCU debit cards as of February 5, 2020. This service helps identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. If any of your card transactions seem unusual or outside of your normal spending patterns, this may prompt Falcon Fraud to contact you to confirm the transaction(s).

If you have a WWFCU debit card and you have a cell phone number on file with us, Falcon Fraud will send you Fraud Alerts via text messages.* If you don’t have a cell phone number on file with us, Falcon Fraud will contact you at the home phone number we have associated with your account. To add a cell phone number or update your contact information, please call us at (734) 721-5700 or stop by our branch. That way we’ll have the most current information for your account.

Once you’re notified by Falcon Fraud and inform them the transaction in question is unauthorized, they will immediately block the card. You will then need to contact WWFCU so we can help you with next steps, including the dispute process and options for issuing you a new debit card.

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud or have any questions about the Falcon Fraud alerts, please contact a WWFCU Member Service Representative at (734) 721-5700.

*Falcon Fraud will verify your identity, but they will never ask you for your full debit card number, expiration date or the security code on the back of your card.

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