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Do I Still Need to Balance My Checkbook?

Checks? Who writes checks anymore, let alone balance a checkbook? While the process may seem old-fashioned, believe it or not, it’s still necessary. Balancing a checkbook, also known as bank/account reconciliation is still needed because it can help you catch any errors or fees and helps you stay on top of your finances. Read on

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New Federal Rule for Mobile Deposits

Although Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union’s mobile app doesn’t include mobile deposits yet (we’re working on it, we promise!), a new rule by the Federal Reserve Board may still affect our members. Called Regulation CC, it’s changing how financial institutions are processing mobile deposits. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, mobile deposits let you use

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Five Tips for Keeping Your Checking Account Safe

  We live in an express-line society: we want money, goods, and services to be quickly and easily accessible. Conveniences like debit cards and online accounts can seem like the lifelines which make this all possible, but they can also come at a price. You need to protect yourself–and your checking account–by knowing some of

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A NEW SYSTEM THAT IS FAST AND EASY Here’s the 21st century method for balancing a checkbook. What you will need: 1. Monthly statement 2. Checkbook register 3. A pocket calculator What you need to do: 1. Go down the checkbook REGISTER and — one by one — puts a checkmark by each entry not

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