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Build Credit with a Share Pledge Loan

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve hit a few bumps along the way, building credit can be difficult. An easy way to start building or rebuilding your credit is with a share pledge/share secured loan. A share secured loan (what WWFCU calls a share pledge loan) lets you use the money in your savings

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Dos and Don’ts for First-Time Homebuyers

We know, there are so many things to learn and think about before buying your first home. So, we thought we’d simplify things and give you a Do and Don’t list. Don’t … Shop Too Soon You need to apply for a mortgage before you do anything else. Since there are few homes on the

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What You Need Before You Buy a Car

Whether you’re looking to get a new or used vehicle, buying a car can be an exciting yet stressful experience. WWFCU wants to take the stress out of the process and walk you through the steps you need to take before signing on the dotted line. Get Your Score Unless you’re paying cash, the very

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Tips to Keeping a Healthy Credit Score

Whether you’ve lost a job or cut back hours at work, it can be hard to maintain a healthy credit score when times are tight. Most months it’s enough just to be able to cover all your bills. Who’s got time to worry about making payments on time? With that in mind, we have seven

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Time to Reopen Your Small Business?

More and more communities are looking to the near future when businesses may open back up again. If your business was forced to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering what to do next. Now is the time to think things through and put a formal plan together. Health Policies You’ll

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9 Creative Ways to Cut Costs During the Coronavirus

Layoffs and cutbacks due to COVID-19 have left many people unable to pay monthly bills. If reducing your grocery bills and other monthly expenses still finds you coming up short, we have a few creative tips to help you cut your monthly costs. Utility Bills Many utility companies are willing to work with their customers

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How to Use Your Stimulus Check

The top five areas you should be prioritizing for your financial wellness The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a financial impact on millions of Americans. Thankfully, some relief is on the way. Lawmakers recently passed a stimulus package to combat the economic impact of COVID-19. As part of the bill, people are expected to receive

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Tips for Handling Debt

Whether your hours have been reduced or you’ve been laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic, your bills are probably piling up. While this can be stressful and scary, the worst thing you can do is hope it all goes away and do nothing. Contact Your Lenders The first step you should take is to

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Why Skip-a-Payment?

During the holidays do you find yourself scrimping to make ends meet and aren’t sure how you’re going to pay this month’s bills? Know that you’re not alone. This is why WWFCU offers Skip-a-Payment. What is Skip-a-Payment? If you have a loan at WWFCU and want a month off of your loan payment, all you

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Should You Buy that Boat?

Now the warmer weather is here, so are the hopes and dreams of Michiganders wanting to buy a boat. But is buying a boat the right thing for you? By now you’ve probably heard the saying that a boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money. Whether that’s true or not,

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