Staying On Top Of It With e-Alerts

Chances are you’re like the increasing number of people who are moving their hard-earned money out of large banks and into Credit Unions. You understand the advantages. However, Wayne Westland Federal CU is pleased to offer yet another benefit: the ability to get virtually instantaneous alerts in your email when there is activity in your account.

They’re called e-Alerts. Once you have registered for this service, you can configure it to suit your individual needs. You are in control of what notifications you receive and when you receive them. You can choose to receive alerts when there is a change in your account balance, when checks and/or automatic withdrawals are made, deposits, and more. Because you are not required to actually visit the WWFCU website and to log in, this can be a real time saver.

With e-Alerts, you can define a range of parameters that will trigger a message when your account drops below a specified balance or when a withdrawal or deposit exceeds a defined amount. You’ll know immediately when a paper check clears your account.

Moreover, e-Alerts are excellent ways to protect yourself from the dangers of fraud and the endless number of schemes that multiply on the Web these days.

Activating your e-Alerts is easy to do if you are signed up for home banking at WWFCU. If not, simply log on to, or call 734.721.5700 today!

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