Twelve Easy Ways to Save Money

In honor of National Savings Day on October 12, we thought we’d give you some realistic ways to save money. If you’re like most, you have the best intentions when it comes to saving, but have a hard time following through. That’s why we have twelve easy ways to save:

Credit Cards

  1. Pay your cards off each month. Impossible? Then pay off the one with the highest rate first.
  2. Did you know credit card companies are often willing to negotiate your interest rate? If you’ve got decent credit and have been making your payments on time, give them a call and see if they’ll reduce your rate.
  3. In case you were unsuccessful at getting your rate reduced, you may want to transfer your balance to a card that has a 0% introductory rate or to a credit union credit card. Credit unions are known to have some of the lowest rates around


  1. Buying things on sale isn’t going to always save you money. Think of all the times you purchased something you didn’t need, just because it was on sale. Next time, don’t.
  2. Cheaper isn’t always better. Cheaper often means poorer quality than a more costly option. You’re not saving any money if you have to replace the item sooner than expected.
  3. Think used. Whether it’s clothes, furniture or household goods, your local thrift or consignment store or Salvation Army/Goodwill should become your destination, not Amazon. You can find gently used items at a fraction of the cost if they were new.


  1. Think of cutting the cable and go with streaming services instead. This could save you around $1,000 per year. Not ready to cut cable? Call your cable company and see if they have any discounts to help bring your bill down. This works with your cell phone service as well.
  2. Don’t ignore your major appliances or car. Replace parts when needed and make sure you get your oil changed on your vehicle regularly. Maintaining these items is way cheaper than having to buy new ones.
  3. Get smart when it comes to grocery shopping. Make a list and stick to it. Buy generic brands when possible. Cook more and go out to restaurants less.


  1. Find free events to go to whenever possible. Check out Facebook events or local websites and newsletters to see what’s going on near you.
  2. Forget the gym membership. Get some weights or check out some exercise videos on YouTube. You can also run/walk outside for free.
  3. Go to the library. Not only can you check out the latest best sellers, but most libraries today have e-books, DVDs, CDs and even video games. They also have many fun, free events you might want to check out.

Have your own ways to save money? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Happy saving!

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