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Useful Tips for Buying a Used Car

If you’re considering replacing your vehicle, have you considered purchasing a used one? The perception of used cars can be somewhat negative. That’s why the market-friendly term “pre-owned” is now more widely used (forgive the pun). However, shopping for a used car can be tricky because every car has a unique, and often hidden, history.

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Seven Key Points About Auto Financing

The automobile is an essential part of American life. Even high school students, the ink barely wet on their drivers’ licenses, often expect to have a car at their disposal. Most of us would have a hard time getting to work, doing our shopping and leading our daily lives without a car. The problem is

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Buying a Car – The Smart Way

No doubt about it – when it comes to high stress, buying a car is right up there with job interviews, public speaking, and root canal surgery. Under typical conditions, you, as a car buyer, are at the mercy of the dealer and the high-pressure salesman. Negotiating a price can be a challenge, particularly if

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CarFax – Show Me The CarFax!

Buying a Used Car? Just Say – Show Me the CARFAX! Minimize your risk of buying a used car with costly hidden problems. Get a detailed vehicle history report within seconds. The most trusted provider of vehicle history information, CARFAX is used by millions of consumers each year. Every CARFAX Report contains information that can

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Buying A New Car

Dreaming about owning a new car is fun, and window-shopping in magazines or on car lots can be very entertaining. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose sight of that fun in the stress and worry of actually shopping for and buying a new car. Doing your homework ahead of time and learning a few tricks of

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Get a Free Car Fax Report

Negotiating a great price on a used vehicle should be the starting point in the purchase process. While an inspection by a qualified mechanic can identify problems with the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and extras, only a vehicle history report can provide important details about the car or truck’s past. When prospective buyers locate an appealing

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