Get Extra Value – Earning a College Degree

Many people view the goal of a college education as getting a degree with some effort. Treating college with that perspective misses out on additional value that college can provide.

Students should look for any opportunity to build things related to your area of study that can earn income now and incorporate those things into your studies and coursework whenever you can.

Focus on your studies, your experiences, and your useful long-term relationships. Many students might be unsure as to what they should be doing and a great ideia is to look in job listings. Job listings can be an incredibly powerful tool for helping you to plot your next move while in school.

Looking at listings for jobs that you’d like to have and do what you can to fill in those blanks during your studies can be very useful.


  • The college experience offers the opportunity to build lifelong relationships that can continually benefit you personally and professionally.
  • If you have a key question that’s causing you to lose track of the direction that the entire lecture is going, don’t be afraid to ask it.
  • Talk to your academic department about on-campus work opportunities.

“Winter break, summer break, spring break, all the breaks – fill them with some sort of opportunity to develop your professional skills. Even if it’s just a few weeks, many organizations offer some sort of internship program during that time. Internships related to your desired career are golden.”

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