How Can Mobile Banking Benefit You?

With the growing presence of the internet in everyday life, it’s natural that more people every year are learning to use online banking. Being able to access your Credit Union information at any hour of the day or night from home is a valuable tool for managing your money, building budgets, and paying bills. These are all great features of your Credit Union account, but they’re not all you can do. All you need is a smartphone to get started with mobile banking, an online banking option that lets you take your Credit Union with you wherever you go.

Mobile banking offers a host of new ways to interact with your account online. You can check your balance and pay your bills like always, but now you can check your balance from the store before you make a purchase, or transfer balances while you’re sitting in a waiting room. If you need cash, you can use your phone to find the ATM nearest you. It’s a simple matter to set up E-Alerts that will inform you instantly whenever anything significant happens in your account. Your transaction history is also available via your mobile device, just as it would be on your computer.

Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union offers mobile banking as a free service, and it’s simple to set up. Just log in to on your web-enabled smartphone or mobile device and follow the instructions. (You must first be signed up for home banking before you will be able to access mobile banking) The first time you log in, you’ll have a PIN emailed to you for security purposes. Once your device is registered, you’ll be ready to go. Mobile banking is the fast, free, and convenient way to put your Credit Union at your fingertips, even when you’re away…

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