How Much Debt Is Too Much?

Credit is a part of everyday life, and it can be a great tool. Used wisely, good credit can help people score better deals on homes and cars and even land better jobs. The flip side of credit, however, is debt, and debt can be a huge burden. More American families are in greater debt than ever before, and the situation can seem overwhelming. There is help and hope for those who feel trapped, but the situation must be recognized before it can be addressed.

How can you tell if your debt is becoming dangerous? There are a number of red flags, many involving your credit cards. In a typical month, does your credit card balance rise? Do you find yourself routinely making only the minimum payments or using one line of credit to pay another? Are you over the limit on any of your credit cards? Do you find yourself dreading looking at your balances or not looking at all?

There are other debt danger signs to look for, too. Have you recently had a drop in income? Are you afraid of losing your job? Do you try and hide purchases or expenses from your spouse? Do you have to work overtime or dip into your savings just to keep up with the bills? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, your debt may be reaching dangerous levels. Rather than wait until things become overwhelming, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible.

Do you need some assistance with your debt? As a member of Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union, you can take advantage of the Accel program, a free financial education and counseling program. To use this new service, simply call 1-877-33ACCEL (332-2235) or visit them on the web at




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