If you received a check or a visa debit card as your stimulus payment, please read the following important information.

Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks must be endorsed. Checks that are not endorsed or have “for deposit only” written on the back are not negotiable.

Third party stimulus checks will not be accepted.

Stimulus checks that are payable to multiple payees require an endorsement of each payee. Each signature will be verified against a valid driver’s license, state id, or passport. At least one of the payees MUST be a WWFCU member. If these requirements are not met, the check is not negotiable.

Visa Debit Stimulus Cards

Stimulus cards require activation and a pin number be established. Once the card is activated with a pin number, the card can be used for in store purchases, online purchases, and atm withdrawals.

When you use your card at the atm machine, you must select checking for the account type, not credit card. Because of atm fees your transaction amount may be declined if you request the entire amount. For example, if you are requesting to withdrawal $600, the transaction will decline because the card balance is not enough to cover the atm fee. You can request $580 and use the remaining card balance at local stores. There are daily atm withdrawal limits with the card, please refer to the terms and conditions enclosed with the card.

Tellers can pull money from the card to be deposited into your WWFCU account, however, the only way tellers can do this is to run the card as a cash advance through our point-of-sale terminal. There is a $15 charge to do this. To minimize cost, we recommend withdrawing the funds at the atm and depositing the cash into your WWFCU account.

Additional fees may be accessed by WWFCU in addition to the fees charged by the issuer of the card.

For more information regarding stimulus payments, please visit the IRS website and link below.

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