We’ve Branched Out!

A huge misconception about credit unions is that you’re limited on where you can do your banking. Sure, many credit unions have only a couple of branches, but that doesn’t stop us from serving members wherever they are.

Shared Branching

Thanks to something we call shared branching, credit unions share facilities across the country. What this means for you is that you can go to more than 4,500 participating credit unions nationwide to make transactions.

Look for the CU Service Centers logo and you’ll be able to:

  •     Deposit money
  •     Withdraw cash
  •     Make loan payments
  •     Transfer money between accounts
  •     Purchase money orders and travelers checks

Family Service Centers

There are hundreds of Credit Union Family Service Centers nationwide.  Run by CO-OP Financial Services, Family Service Centers are owned by credit unions that have pooled their resources and allow you to:

  • Withdraw from and deposit to your savings and checking accounts
  • Obtain cash advances on Visa
  • Cash most payroll checks and U.S. Postal money orders
  • Cash personal checks and other money orders up to $100
  • Transfer funds from one account to another
  • Make loan payments
  • Apply for and/or close on most loans
  • Purchase traveler’s checks and money orders
  • Purchase theme park tickets
  • Have documents notarized
  • Obtain account balance inquiries

Branch Access – Everywhere you go.

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