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Reducing Expenses to Achieve Your Goals

Each family has its own unique goals, whether it is taking annual trips to Disney, fully funding the kids’ college funds, or paying off the mortgage before retirement. All of these goals have one thing in common–the need for extra money, above and beyond what is required for the daily household budget. One of the

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Back-to-School Savings for Your Household Budget

The start of a new school year means new teachers, new friends, and new challenges for kids and teenagers. It can also mean new and expensive supplies for parents to buy! This year, parents and students will spend 68 billion dollars getting ready for the new year of school. Savvy parents can take steps to

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Check your Credit Report Regularly

There is a classic Jack Benny line from one of his comedy skits that while walking down a street, a robber sticks a gun in Benny’s back and says, “Your money or your life?” As the miserly Benny pauses to ponder the question and formulate his answer, the impatient robber warns “Well?” Benny blurts, “I’m

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Lifelong Money Management Tips

Life is an unpredictable adventure. Try as you might, you can never plan for unexpected events such as natural disasters, theft or death. The best way to prepare yourself and your loved ones for such emotionally unstable times is to have a well organized financial life. Use these tips to make sure that you have

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What is identity theft, and how do you protect yourself?

Identity theft, the illegal use of a target’s personal information, such as a social security or credit card number, to pose as that person for financial gain, is rapidly growing both in the United States and abroad. With 8.1 million victims and $37 billion dollars lost in 2010, identity theft is big business. According to

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Retirement Planning Tips

Regardless of age, planning for retirement is an important component of any long-term financial strategy. Through the benefits of modern medicine, people are commonly living well into their 80s and beyond. Coupled with the continuing uncertainty surrounding social security benefits, careful planning is vital to ensure adequate financial resources are available throughout retirement. At its

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IRA – The Reliable Retirement Investment Vehicle

With the long-term solvency of social security still in question, it is becoming increasingly important to plan for self-sufficiency in retirement. Regardless of age, IRA’s are a valuable tool provided to enhance retirement savings.  IRA and 401k Rollover services are available through Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union. IRA’s present substantial tax benefits compared to regular

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Understanding Your Credit Score

A credit report is a reflection of an individual’s ability to manage money and debt. It serves as a tool for creditors to evaluate the credit worthiness of those seeking loans for a variety of purposes, including mortgages, vehicle loans, and revolving credit facilities. The combined record of activity in a person’s credit report results

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Planning Your Financial Success

Accel has been assisting individuals for more than 40 years. They are a team of highly qualified individuals and can give personalized answers to your individual needs.

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