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Other Services Proviced by WWFCU:

Wire Services

Call the Credit Union office for more information.

Money Orders

Money Orders can be purchased in amounts up to $1,000.00 and are $0.50 each.

Bounce Free Loans

Things do happen and suddenly you find your account in a negative status. We can help you get back on track and establish your good credit name at the same time with our Bounce Free Loan.

  • Bounce Free Loans are offered when your checking account has been negative up to forty-five days.
  • Bounce Free loans may also be offered if your checking account has been closed and charged off due to negativity of 45 days or longer.
  • The interest rate on our Bounce Free Loan will be determined by your credit score and no discounts to the loan rate will apply.

Credit Re-builder Loan

Credit Re-builder loans are a special loan set to give you the extra cash you need for the holidays or any other reason, while providing you assistance in improving your credit score. 

  • Loan amount range: $500 - $1000 with a 12 Month Term
  • Must meet with Credit Union Financial Counselor
  • A checking account is required
  • Direct deposit-payroll deduction is required

Loan Extensions

We understand that legitimate situations can happen to our members financially which would cause them to be unable to make one loan payment or several loan payments. The member could have lost their job, but are now back to work. Maybe there was a medical emergency, or even a death in the family which caused the member a financial hardship.

  • Our loan extension program is for members who are currently delinquent on their loan. Most loan extensions do not exceed three months.
  • A maximum of two loan extensions will be granted per loan term.
    (First Mortgage loans are not included)

Skip A Pay

Now you can skip a loan payment! This program can help off set your bills or maybe you just need some extra assistance for a month. We are always here to help you through the tough times. Please call the Credit Union at 734.721.5700 to setup the Skip A Payment program on your loan.

Mail Deposits

Mail Deposits will be posted by the end of the business day. The credit union may place a hold on a check if it feels it is necessary. A hold notice will then be mailed. We do not mail receipts, unless requested.

In Office Speedy Teller

Transactions can be made using our Speedy Teller located in our lobby. All transactions are pulled and posted at 4:30pm on Monday & Tuesday, 5:30pm on Thursday & Friday, and at 12:30pm on Sat. You will need to include your Account Number and where you want your transaction placed. Cash & checks are accepted.

Land Contracting

Call the Credit Union office for more information.

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