Overdraft Protection

We understand emergencies happen and want to help you have a safety net. We offer a variety of overdraft protection plans like linking your Wayne Westland Credit Union Checking account to a line of credit or savings account. They can help you avoid overdrawing your checking account and being charged overdraft fees. This not only saves you money; it also gives you added peace of mind.

These plans can also:

  • Reduce or eliminate the embarrassing situation of having a transaction be returned or rejected.
  • Reduce the cost of fees when you overdraft.
  • With overdraft protection, you can have funds from your line of credit or savings account automatically transferred to your checking account if you overdraft on your checking account.

Our overdraft protection solutions include:

  • Wayne Westland Credit Union Overdraft Line of Credit
  • Wayne Westland Credit Union Savings Account

We also offer a wide variety of free email and text alerts to remind you:

  • If your balance is getting low
  • When a deposit or withdrawal is posted
  • and many more...

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