Direct Deposit

DEFINITION: Electronic funds that are deposited directly into your credit union account rather than through a paper check. Common uses of a direct deposit include income tax refunds and pay checks.

As a whole, direct deposit is the most popular form of payment as it eliminates the risk of losing a check and eliminates the need to physically visit us to make a deposit.

Direct deposit allows your pay to be immediately available in your account. Direct deposits are never subject to a check clearing wait period.

Direct deposits are also popular for income tax refunds, as it is the fastest method of payment.

Another benefit of direct deposit of your pay is the monthly low balance fee on your checking is waived. You can also do transactions at any Family Service Center and avoid paying that fee.

Please Note: When completing any type of Direct Deposit to your credit union account please be sure to use the correct account format for refunds. Please refer to these examples.

If your account has four digits and you want the direct deposit in your savings account please use this format: 1000000001234. For checking the format is 1100000001234.

If your account has five digits please use this format for savings: 1000000012345. For checking the format is 1100000012345.

You will also need our Routing/Transit Number: 272485932

As always, give us a call and we will be sure you get the correct format.

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